WOWZA and Amazon Cloudfront and EC2

Click the following URL to subscribe to Wowza 2 for Amazon EC2 with your Amazon Web Services account. Note that an Amazon Web Services account is needed to use Wowza Pro for Amazon EC2.

  • No up-front capital investment
  • No long-term contract
  • No minimum number of server instances
  • No cost for future software upgrades
  • Pre-configured and tuned for Wowza Media Server 2
  • Data centers in North America and Western Europe so you’re close to your customer
  • Add/delete Wowza 2 for EC2 instances and pay only for instance-time and data transfer used
  • Access to the latest version of Wowza Server 2 — View the new features here.

Pricing includes all charges for the use of Wowza Media Server 2 instances on Amazon EC2 (both Wowza licensing and Amazon EC2 fees). Pricing below is effective as of 01/01/2010.

Instances US-N. Virginia US-N. California Europe
Small $0.15 per hour $0.16 per hour $0.16 per hour
Large $0.46 per hour $0.49 per hour $0.49 per hour
Extra Large $0.89 per hour $0.97 per hour $0.97 per hour
Data Transfer US-N. Virginia US-N. California Europe
Data Transfer In $0.10 per GB $0.10 per GB $0.10 per GB
First 10 TB/month Data Transfer Out $0.15 per GB $0.15 per GB $0.15 per GB
Next 40 TB/month Data Transfer Out $0.11 per GB $0.11 per GB $0.11 per GB
Next 100 TB/month Data Transfer Out $0.09 per GB $0.09 per GB $0.09 per GB
Data Transfer Out/month over 150 TB $0.08 per GB $0.08 per GB $0.08 per GB
Regional Data Transfer $0.01 per GB $0.01 per GB $0.01 per GB
Monthly Charge United States Europe
Recurring Monthly Charge $5.00 $5.00

You can use Wowza 2 for EC2 to stream media directly from Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Wowza Media Server 2 employs a read through local disk cache to improve the performance of streaming media from S3. The configuration of the caching mechanism is done automatically and is adjusted based on the AMI instance type being used (m1-small, m1-large, m1-xlarge). This feature requires that you use “Wowza Pro DevPay AMI ID v EC2 1.1.9″ or greater. See the Wowza Media Server 2 for Amazon EC2 User’s Guide (below) for more information.

This document describes how to install and configure Wowza Media Server 2 on Amazon EC2. The document assumes you have signed up for Amazon EC2 and have installed the Java based command line tools. You can obtain more information about Amazon EC2 and download the command line tools and documentation by going to:

For additional information and documentation, see Wowza for Amazon EC2 Support.

For information on the new features in Wowza Media Server 2 please refer to the User Guide:

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